Our events are open to Acorns families, past, present or currently on our waiting list.

Come and join Acorns Lunchtime Choir for Acorns staff, volunteers, parents & carers - launching on Thursday 30th September!

Sessions will be held on Thursdays, 12-1pm, in the East End Community Centre on George Street in North Shields.

We know that the idea of attending a “choir” can feel very very daunting for many people! We really want it to feel fun and low pressure and a place where no-one feels put on the spot (you’ll never be asked to sing on your own - unless you really want to, of course). Coming along is often the hardest part - if there’s anything we can do to reassure you to take the plunge, let us know.

Due to Covid-19, we’ll be asking that people wear either vizors or face masks throughout the session, and we’ll keep things socially distanced in the large hall whenever we’re singing, and if you're able to, take a covid test before you come along.

Tea & coffee available before we start - come along a little early to grab your cuppa. Book your tickets now!

PLEASE NOTE: No choir in half term week, Thurs 28th October.