We’re proud to announce that we are a White Ribbon Supporter Organisation!

White Ribbon is the UK’s leading charity engaging with men and boys to end violence against women and girls. Our mission is to prevent violence against women and girls by addressing the root causes. Through their work, they aim to shift societal attitudes, systems and behaviours around masculinity that help to perpetuate gender inequality and therefore men’s violence against women. White Ribbon UK’s work is preventative, aiming to end violence before it starts.

In 2022, White Ribbon Day falls on the same week as the launch of the FIFA men’s World Cup. There is never a better time for us to focus on the good that can come from unifying and supporting one common cause. #TheGoal does just that, it brings men and boys together to think about how they can make a positive difference to achieve equality and safety for women and girls. Acorns will be supporting the 2022 campaign, so watch our social media channels…

To learn more about the White Ribbon organisation and what they do, please visit:

· Twitter @WhiteRibbon_UK
· Instagram @WhiteRibbonUK
· Facebook @WhiteRibbonUK
· LinkedIn @WhiteRibbonUK
· Website www.whiteribbon.org.uk