Group work programmes

Preventative and targeted group work for children and young people

Respect, Relationships, Resilience and Relaxation
… explored in a way that keeps things ‘Real’


What is the 4Real Programme?

4Real is a 10-week prevention programme for girls 13+ that centres around four main themes: Respect, Relationships, Resilience and Relaxation. It is suitable for delivery within schools and youth projects. The programme has been developed in response to high levels of abuse within teenage relationships and the recognition that young women need something more than just ‘what is a healthy relationship’. Bringing girls together within a group work setting can create a safe and powerful environment to talk about relationships, abuse and gender inequality.

If you are a school or youth organisation and you are interested in hosting a 4Real group please contact us for further information.



Connecting with others, nurturing self-worth and strengthening roots


What is the Roots Programme?

Roots is a peer support programme for children age 8-12 that have been affected by domestic abuse. The programme actively promotes messages around safety, support and healthy relationships. Roots is informed by Play and Youth Work Techniques, including opportunities for creativity, games and child led play. Through participation in the group sessions it is hoped that children will become more aware of their unique qualities and strengths and develop a greater understanding of their feelings and behaviours. Children have the opportunity to try things out, pool resources and learn alongside each other in safe environment.

If you would like to know more about the Roots Programme please contact us for further information.