How does therapy help me and/or my child?

We often get asked this question.  By providing a regular, weekly (usually around 8-12 weeks) safe space for someone to come and express themselves through words, or through the medium of play, crafts, art or music, with a trained, skilled professional with whom they can build a trusted relationship over time, your amazing brain can work to form new pathways that reduce the effects of the trauma you have experienced.  We can explain more about this to you when we speak to you.


Do I need to come to Acorns?

Not necessarily – we offer a wide range of outreach and remote working options and we can discuss the best way for you to access support when we speak to you.


Do I need to attend/ensure my child attends every scheduled session?

We totally understand that at times, a missed appointment is inevitable, and we do our best to accommodate last minute emergencies – however we do ask you to prioritise your/ your child’s appointments as much as you can, so we are able to see other children, young people and adults who are waiting for support as soon as possible.  We know that the best outcomes and greatest increases in wellbeing are seen in those who regularly attend their appointments.