Founded in 1999, Acorns supports children, young people and their families affected by domestic abuse


Key Milestones

  • Founded in 1999 by Cath Lawson, who identified that there was a gap in services providing specialist support to families impacted by domestic abuse. Originally, our work was based on a model of therapeutic one-to-one support, developed in response to the views of children, young people and their families. Acorns became a place where children and their families could take ownership, feel safe, feel important and be part of their own recovery.

We have learned so much from the children and families we have worked with and we have developed as an organisation in areas such as outreach work with children and young people and advice and support work with parents and carers. Acorns hopes to continue what it started: offering children, young people and their families a safe space to recover and nurture important relationships.