Dear Parents/Carers,

We really need your help…

Acorns is currently experiencing extremely high demand for our services – our waiting lists have never been longer.
Unfortunately, we are also experiencing a high number of missed and rearranged appointments, meaning that it’s taking our team a lot longer to deliver our work. Every week missed, is a week added on to the support plan of your child, and is a week longer that another child then needs to wait for help.

Please prioritise your child’s appointments
We totally understand that at times, a missed appointment is inevitable, and we do our best to accommodate last minute emergencies and, currently, the need for families to self-isolate on short notice. However, can we please ask you to prioritise your child’s appointments as much as you can, so we are able to see the other children on our lists as soon as possible. If your child will not be attending their session, could we ask that you let us know as soon as possible. This includes notifying us of children who will not be in school, should they receive in school support sessions.

We also appreciate that there are times when your child’s appointment may not go ahead due to planned and unplanned staff absence. Please note that we will aim to communicate with you about this at the earliest opportunity and work hard to minimise disruptions to sessions.

It really is important
We know that the best outcomes and greatest increases in a child’s wellbeing are seen in those children who are brought regularly to their appointments, which gives our therapeutic interventions the best chance of success.

From April 2021 we will be implementing a review procedure which will be triggered after two missed appointments, to ensure that the time is right for you and your child to engage, and we may discuss some other options with you.

Thank you to those of you who have ensured your child’s appointments are prioritised – this makes a huge difference to the number of children we can support.

Thank you for your understanding and support

The Team at Acorns