Hot off the press...Acorns Pic 'n' Mix Issue 1

It is such a strange time for everyone at the moment as we attempt to rapidly readjust to a new way of life. The steps we are all taking to support people to stay safe and well are necessary, but challenging.

At Acorns our priority is to maintain contact and support for families. Whilst our face-to-face services are on hold, we will be making use of different forms of communication and adapting our practice as we go along. It is all a bit of a learning curve but we are certainly up for the challenge.

One way we would love to keep in touch with you is via our new Acorns pick 'n'mix....a lighthearted magazine that contains a selection of regular features, creative ideas, information and fun challenges! There's lots of opportunities to get involved and we would love it if this could be a platform for keeping in touch and sharing ideas. We are all quite new to this kind of thing, so we very much welcome your comments and suggestions!

We hope you enjoy Issue 1 of pic 'n' mix and keep your eyes peeled for Rio...our editorial sloth!